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anyka 926 wont start pls help

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26 Re: anyka 926 wont start pls help on Sun 25 Aug 2013 - 10:30


ok i will try today ty

27 Re: anyka 926 wont start pls help on Mon 2 Sep 2013 - 18:11


hi to all i was on vacantion and there has no internet conection

i have try-ed to switch data+ with data- pins on usb cable and i got no respone

the conection of usb cable is on the back of pc and netbook

there is any solution to revive the anyka netbook?

28 Re: anyka 926 wont start pls help on Tue 3 Sep 2013 - 10:50


Of course there is. I would suggest to try connect to different PC.

29 Re: anyka 926 wont start pls help on Thu 5 Sep 2013 - 10:06


il conected to a difrend pc and did the same , new device found dont pop up

Colindres Doc

uch777 wrote:Hello!
I need firmware for
Version: 1.88
ARM-926EJ-S 266MHZ
Hynix 826A 2GB
Windows CE 5.0 (C5G)

Display "system initializing, please wait...."
cheers Download your firmare version 1.88 and unzip, next put it inside of the usb formated Fat32, all files you has unzip and conect to your mini netbook no Usb port, use the usb the rigth side, the port of the keyboar, and turn on the netbook press f1, opcion 4, xip update, yes, and will be start qhen finished, reboot, its ready your netbook are a live again

31 Re: anyka 926 wont start pls help on Fri 20 Feb 2015 - 16:12


Update from USB flash does not work on Anyka devices it corrupts disk and still doesn't boot.

32 Re: anyka 926 wont start pls help on Sat 21 Feb 2015 - 21:53

Colindres Doc

I could upgrade my netbook from China usb, fat 32 formatted files and firmaware which in this case were also achieved 1.87 restarting my mini netbook. the procedure is in the root menu to start the mini netbook F1 option 4 xip update , and then restart the mini pc

33 Re: anyka 926 wont start pls help on Sat 21 Feb 2015 - 21:56

Colindres Doc

clarify , do not use normal usb port instead connect the pen drive in the area of brand usb keyboard or mouse does not recognize the usb 2.0, I have a mini netbook processor and achieves 1.87 Anyka pluck again greetings .

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