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Need some help with Allfine pc 703 Netbook win installation

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Hi everyone, i need some help on this
i recived this netbook and it booted up into windows ce 5.0 but for some reason it had a password on it, so i started to fiddle with it,tryed factory reset ect did not work password was still there, so i googled the issue and found that if you press f1 and then enterd the password ztk you can access some options,
anyway then i eneded up runing all through the options and now i have no windows installed on it at all !
and what happens now is that i press the power button i see a short black screen then white screen with allfine logo <please wait> and it will just hang..i pursume due to no o/s installed,
and for some wired reason when i want to power it down the power button now does not work even if i hold the button in for 5 -10 sec ?

so ive got an sd card here ready but does these netbooks come with a recovery sd-card? as i could relly do with a copy of the card as i havent got one,
or could do with some kind of link to the files i nees to correct this mess out
as im kinda worried i wont get it working again
any help on this would be great,

7"Allfine pc 703
Windows ce.5.0 (c5g)


check out this [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

3 Wont boot on Fri 10 Jun 2011 - 19:08


I have the same machine for christmas and it was working fine for a while now it wont load the OS, it sticks on the loading drivers and then no more it doesn't load anything. I have tried to load the bios but it wont even do that, there is no way to get it to boot. Can any one give any advice on how to formatt and re-install another OS like linux or something.


Just reflash with new WinCE ROM. Read the forum it is already discussed. Regarding other OS there is still no other than WinCE.


Hiya i need help i formated the xip disk now when i power it up it just stays on system interilizing and also i tryed usb and that iv got a allfine pc703 with windows ce 5 help please

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