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Help Needed to Activate the COM Port on AK7802

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I attached 4 wires to CN1 as it is described in some posts here only to get the message "COM1 Open Failed,... COM12 Open Failed!" when I ran some program.

The connector can traced to pins 6-7 of AK7802 but they seem to malfunction.

Can anyone kindly drop some tips or solutions?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, there

I have fixed the problem by swapping the wire TXD with RXD except that the mouse arrow is restricted to the bottom left-hand corner and cannot be moved.

I also tried the rear USB port which I hoped to convert to a serial port but the installation of the driver (PL-2303 for WINCE ARM) failed.

I begin to think that the Mininetbook is a piece of junk and useless.

Any advice will be appreciated.


CN1 i think is debug port and not COM.

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