open mini netbook

open project of mini netbook, 7'' ARM netbook

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i am stuck on system initializing, please wait.....could any body help

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hey i have an mininote book
cpu :ak7802
ram :64 mb
version : 1.9
when i start the system it works good but i stuck on "system initializing, please wait "
could anybody help me ??
i can't connect the notebook to the computer ( usb )
cuz the windows doesn't start
i really will be thankfull
i posted in many fourms and i guess this is the best one so please if u just tell me guyz how to install windows or the update ( press f 1 to update system ) password
thank u guyz and i am waiting for ur answers silent


What did you do before that?


problem solved i have reflashed the notebook thank u otoluk u really helped me and helped others !!
i had a problem with flashing ( failed to init usb ) but u have helped me by replaying " try to chang the channel number "
wohooooooo i am very happy THAnks a lot !!

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