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HowTo connect to SAMBA-Server and Shares on a PC....

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Hi there,
for all the people who like SAMBA (and I dont mean the dance), you can still use the "net use" command in Windows CE to connect to a SAMBA server (and probably to a share on a PC, since they work similar). Please note that the share must be public, with no username/password required, otherwise it wont work Sad

1. Click "Start", execute command
2. Enter "cmd" to open the command line
3. on the command line, type "net use SAMBA \\MySambaServerName\MyShareName"

Of course, replace "MySambaServerName" with the name of your own Server and "MyShareName" with the name of the respective share.
If you experience trouble, replace the servers name wit its IP to rule out DNS hazzle. Also, avoid blanks in the share name.

To my knowledge, the connection is persistent to reboots, and can be deleted with the /d option (for more info, see net use help)

From now on, the mounted share can be found in the "Network" folder in the CE explorer.
I really likem this and use it a lot. Only shame is that CE does not seem to support authentication, but this can be circumvented with ACLs on the SAMBA.

Best regards,


thanks zaphod's share. I find another way to use SAMBA. how? just use Resco Explorer,it also support authentication . Very Happy google "Resco Explorer" for more.


Hi Admin, thanks for the hint. I just installed Resco Explorer V. 8 , but it didn't work...."not a valid CE application".
Do you know a version which works for "our" device ? thanks in advance,
regards, zaphod

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