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Driver Issue with PocketWarrior and MiniStumbler...

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Hi everyone,
thanks to Juergen and others (and [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] post), I finally got the right versions of PocketWarrior and Ministumbler running on my netbook.
But whenever I start the applications, I get an error message saying "Cannot load driver" (in PW I think) , or "unrecognized card" in Ministumber.
Can someone plaease point me to the right drivers for the onboard WLAN card ? I am aware we can include extra .dll-files with a registry hack, and iI got a full pack of .dll files from the anyka software pack, but I don't know whats the right driver dll.....

Any help is greatly appreciated....after all, I finally got my Win CE pimped up real good, I dont really need linux anymore....(though it would be nice, of course)

thanks, zaphod


Witch pocketpc are supported?
Every pocketpc supporting WinCE 3.0 using a ARM processor that use a Prism WiFi card.

Witch card are supported?
Pocketwarrior support Prism card in the form factor of CF, Pcmcia and also Builtin card. Owever not all driver are supported, if your driver is not working you have to use the Intersil Reference Driver instead.

Confirmed to work on:

Toshiba e740 built in wifi, Compaq WL100, Linksys WPC11, Linksys WCF11 and Linksys WCF12, NetGear (with Reference Driver), DLink-Air DCF-660W (With Reference Driver), SMC (With Reference Driver),Trendnet TEW202-CF,Proxim 8430
The unstable version work on nearly all prism card(except netgear driver), And are compatible with some NDIS 5.1 compatible driver sutch as some Orinoco driver(avaya,...), last driver for the hp5450 and on some symbol driver.

What is NDIS 5.1?
First NDIS is a standart for windows driver... It mean Network Driver Interface Specification. NDIS 5.1 added a standardisation of wifi driver.

I heard PocketPC was using NDIS 4.0 how come it support NDIS 5.1?
They added support for the NDIS 5.1 call into their NDIS 4.0 driver... So while those driver are still NDIS 4.0 they are also compatible with software programmed for NDIS 5.1

Do I need to configure the card in Infrastructure or Adhoc or set a specific SSID?
No, watever your configuration it should work the same way

I got a e740 and when i try to use the pocketwarrior my card is not detected, why?
By default the e740 wifi card work in Powersaving mode, when your card have not been used for a amount of time it get shuted down by the driver. Disable the PowerSaving mode and PocketWarrior should detect your card correctly.. Also make sure that thei wifi switch is turned on...

Where can I get the Intersil Reference Driver?
Those driver are't available freely anymore. Fortunally the development(unstable) version of PocketWarrior does't require them anymore(except for netgear card)

How do I get my card to work with the reference driver?
You have to uninstall your current wifi driver, reset your PDA, then install the Reference Driver and when it prompt you for a Driver you have to tell PRISMNDS.DLL

I started the software and it does't seem to find any AP, why?
Make sure to click on the green button to start the scan.
PocketWarrior do not see AP that does't Advertise their SSID.

How can I change wave been played when i find a AP?
You can change them in the registry

Where are the setting of pocketwarrior saved?
All the setting of PocketWarrior are store under the registry key \HKLM\SOFTWARE\PocketWarrior\

Why is the Save as function gray?
The function have not been implemented yet, I don't know the Netstumbler or Kismet format definition and since i don't want to create a other file format I am waiting for warglue api to save it.


anyka netbook using a Atheros AR6000 wifi card not Prism WiFi card

CE Geek

Admin wrote:
Where can I get the Intersil Reference Driver?
Those driver are't available freely anymore.

Not quite true:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Thanks for the information. But my point is: Did anyone get Ministumbler or PocketWarrior to actually WORK with our netbook ?
If so, how did you install the driver dll ?

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