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Is it supposed to be this slow and buggy?

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1 Is it supposed to be this slow and buggy? on Thu 10 Jun 2010 - 17:48


I just bought an Anyka with ARM 926EJ-S processor, version 1.90, 128mb RAM, and 2gb HD off of Ebay. Previously used.

I've owned a lot of PPCs and Palm devices, so I have a general idea of how fast things run at various processor speeds. This device is phenomenally SLOW! It's slower than PPCs I had from 2002. It struggles to load anything, and when I create a Word document the letters on the screen can't keep up with my typing speed. The touchpad is buggy and unresponsive half the time. Going online via Ethernet is painful (loading a Wikipedia page was slow as heck). Coreplayer seems to have a seizure when I try to play a video clip.

I really want to be able to use this thing like a Mobilepro 900 or Jornada 720. But it's so slow and buggy that it's not even usable. Nothing I've ever used with an ARM processor has been this slow.

Is there another OS I can load on it to make it run better?

Is it normal for it to be this slow? Is there anything that can make it run faster?

Any help is appreciated.



Yeah, there are a few problems with some of them. I pressed the reset button on my first one (it crashed after I put an SD card in the slot) it blew the processor!

Glutton for punishment that I am, I got another one, half the ram is fake (that's the first thing to check, don't trust what the machine is set up to tell you), and SD cards won't physicaly in the slot. and two USB ports don't seem to do anything.

Also, many of these machines are advertised as 300mhz, but they are in fact 248mhz, and trying to run a large high colour screen.

To get decent internet speed, install phoneME Java, and put OperaMini5 on it.
At the moment, any GAPI apps are having to run through emulation, if we ever get a proper version of GAPI, that would help.

If you are lucky enough to have the full 128MB, you could try doubling the glyph cache in the registry. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE
This one might also work HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\STORAGEMANAGER\FATFS increases the cache size for the FAT.

I have not tried the second one, so you do it at your own risk!


Thanks for responding. Running anything on this is horrible, and I've discovered that the system deletes everything added when you turn it off. I ran resinfo and found that half the ram IS fake. This is one of the worst devices I've ever bought.

I think I'll be scrapping mine. -_-


Don't copy anything to desktop, It will reduce your memory . if your touchpad is unresponsive. you can adjust touchpad sensitivity in the Control Panel. After this work was done. the netbook works fine with me. Razz


I was just saying my netbook is slow then i see this thread.. Mine is the same I cant believe you guys could use them to run anything!! I might try reseting to see if it makes any difference, cant image it to though as it has been like this since i first bought it...

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