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Printing with Allfine

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1 Printing with Allfine on Mon 3 May 2010 - 14:51


Wife just got allfine mini notebook pc703 and how do you print?

2 Re: Printing with Allfine on Mon 10 May 2010 - 23:04


Dear netbook,

There is no possibility to print directly from the netbook and I did not find a solution to install a printer driver until now. So I copy the documents I want to print to an USB-Stick and print from my desktop PC.

3 Re: Printing with Allfine on Tue 11 May 2010 - 8:05


Perhaps when google release 'google cloud print' we could make some use of it. I expect a normal PC/mac will still need to be involved though.

4 Re: Printing with Allfine on Sat 12 Jun 2010 - 20:45


There are network printers capable of printing files recieved via FTP (like Canon ImageRunner, for example). If you dont have one of those (they are not exactly made for home use, rather business use) then you running out of luck, i suppose......

5 Re: Printing with Allfine on Thu 24 Jun 2010 - 23:50


You need to install the printer dll and associated registry keys.
Example pcl3.dll for Hp printers, epson.dll for epson ones.
Not all printer are supportet.

6 Re: Printing with Allfine on Sun 27 Jun 2010 - 0:15


I have experimented with manually setting up the registey to install a printer....with no luck so far.
Basically, I could not find the appropiate driver dll files. Do you have any idea how /where to get those files. i.e. pcl3.dll you mentioned ?
regards, zaphod

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