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Dead 7 inch netbook. -Hardware or software problem?

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Hi. I have a 7 inch netbook which is dead other than the red light when the charger is connected. It will not switch on. The reset button does nothing.

The netbook is branded 'Disgo netbook 3000' but looks like Anyka machines I have seen online, and the specification (ARM 7802 win CE5) looks the same.

I'm sure someone has seen this problem before. Before I start to fix it, am I likely to be chasing a hardware problem, or could this fault be cured by re-installing firmware?


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yes, Disgo Net Browser 3000 is an anyka netbook, look this: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Thank you for your reply confirming this is an Anyka machine.

I would be glad if someone could answer my question. Could my dead machine (only red light when battery is charging) be bad firmware, or is it a hardware fault? Have others seen this problem?

Thank you


Hello viridens.

Have you tried to disconnect battery and power.

And after it. connect battery and try again?

Best regards



I have the same problem: Just bought a unbranded 7" Notebook of eBay, played with it a couple of hours and when I inserted a SD card it just died.

I am trying to get a refund, but if I can fix it, it would be easier - I am an electrical engineer and develops embedded systems, mostly based on ARM, for a living.

It is based on a AK7802 running 248MHz (is sold as WM8500 300MHz).
The PCB looks exactly like this: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Some initial observations:
- Charger light works.
- When pressing power button there is 5V on the USB ports.
- It uses apx. 70mA from the battery when pressing the power button.

Some observations after I opened it:
- The RTC oscillator is running.
- All voltages (5V, 3.3V, 2.4V, 1.2V) seems ok when the power button is pressed and the main oscillator is running. When the power button is released only the 2.4V RTC supply is present.
- Something is output on the debug port (CN1)
- The voltage on the SD card detect pin on the SD connector is only 1.0V - it should be close to 3.3V - in comparison the write protect pin is 3.0V.

Unfortunately the card detect pin is directly connected to the AK7802 and might somehow have damaged it, preventing it from working properly.



Just an update to my dead Notebook:

I got a replacement a couple of days ago. It looks exactly the same except from a small, round sticker saying VIA on the bottom.

But it is a WM8505 300MHz, 128Mb, WinCE 6 machine now. Very Happy
Stuff that is improved:
300MHz - was 248MHz
128Mb - was 64Mb (Both claimed the double in WinCE)
WinCE6 - was WinCE5
3xUSB2HS - was 1xUSB2HS+2xUSB2FS
keyboard working better
easy Linux install
and last but not least: Not dead now.

Except I booted Linux from a SDcard and accidently trashed the WinCE FLASH partition. Embarassed
(Note: Don't try to mount /dev/mtdblockX unless you know what you are doing - it might miss-detect the filesystem and mess stuff up)

Oh well, no great loss: It was just Windows. Linux works better in many ways (not flash and multimedia though). And I have found a couple of replacement WinCE images to install. Not an identical one, though.

They still claim they haven't received the one I sent back and thus won't reimburse the return postage.
It's just $22 and I got a better notebook so it's hardly worth the trouble getting them to pay.


7 It was a hardware problem... on Sat 6 Nov 2010 - 21:10


-The wires to the on/off push button are badly routed and move with the screen, and are too stiff to handle the flexing. Re-soldering was needed -I also extended these original wires with some coiled extra flexible wire. I have fixed two more since posting here.

I am sure there must be MANY of these Disgos, and probably other brands too, with the same fault. Rolling Eyes


Can you try to ask disgo support for a ROM backup? Make a story up that the you lost a windows password or the windows doesn't boot Wink


Hi guys
I want to thank all of you guys for your posts and encouragements in relation to this netbooks. We know its not an easy task figuring out this machines, they are even becoming more complex than laptops just because the producers are after money than costumer satisfaction. I pray for all you developers for grace to over come the firmware compatibility setback. Thanks again

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