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How to get Adobe PDF reader working on an ARM926 netbook?

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I am enjoying my new toy, but the killer for me is that the included pdf reader is awful. I would very much prefer to use Adobe Mobile 2.0, but it won't run. Has anyone had success using either Adobe PDF or a non-evaluation version of Foxit? I have PocketXPDF working, but its not much better.

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try foxit pdf reader for wince.

4 the foxit reader for wince is an eval on Sat 10 Apr 2010 - 19:16


The foxit reader from there site is only available in an evaluation version. And you can't even buy a license for individual use, they are only interested in licensing it to distributors. I tried it and it worked, but it lacked any decent functionality.

thanks for the thought tho!

UPDATE --Juergen, that was the ticket, acrobat works now THANK YOU! YOU ARE AWESOME!

PS -- As a tangent, I noticed that when you first run Acrobat, it prompts you for some license stuff, which is in a windows that it not visible to you, so it appears the program is frozen. You just hit enter and can continue.

The same thing is happening to me when I try to run Vade Mecum, only when I click settings the settings window is hidden from me. Is there some utility that may do the equivalent of a 'cascade' windows, or a 'move hidden window to front' funtion? That would be helpful.

Oh well, I am happy for the time being. Even as only n pdf viewer this thing is worth the 75 bucks I paid. !!!


I tried many PDF viewers,and found the best is ClearVue
it also can read DOC,XLS and PPT files


Hi! I want a pdf writer, to take annotations on pdf documents. Anybody knows one of these? Thanks!


Anyka pleaseeee, upload your links, pleaseee


oh excluse me, please update your link, im dont speak well english

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