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good,my anyka netbook cannot usb sync,how should i update the firmware?

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yes, i have an anyka 7802 netbook with the os of wince5.0 almost the same as you do,and its rear usb port supports usbdisks,which means it dosen't support active sync any more.
well,activesync may be 'useless' for an enduser like me at most time,but anyka burntool cannot run properly without it.
is there anything like an 'SD card burntool‘,or bootldr which i can boot os from an SD card?
thank you all.
P.S. i belive that to reduce maintenance cost, there must be some "sd burn tool".to boot into CE, and repair the firmware?NO. just prepare an sd card ,and power on with it plugged in.

and we don't have to boot linux with tools like"HaRet" under WINCE,if we get the bootldr, do we?


Hello maskmark.

"Normally" if you want to use anyka burntool , you need to "switch" two contacts near battery.

When you switch it, the motherboard is seen by a PC as other system (M3_USBDriver) NO ACTIVESYNC.

Best regards


yes,i konw about that jumper,i'll try.thank you scordoba.

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