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is there a good browser and how to play youtube videos?

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Is there a decent browser that can be installed on wince 5 as the IE provided
is really outdated.

Also is there a way by which I can access and play through browser, the
youtube related videos.



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grab the real .flv url,and play it with TCPMP.


hi . thanks for Zetakey info. unfortunately i am getting the following error: cannot find'zbrowser_wce' or one of its components. Make sure that the path and file name are correct and that all the required libraries are available.

hence my problem is still unresolved. any help will be of great help. thanks in advance


yesterday i found out how to install programms, mio pocket and opera: place your programms as near as possible to the 'storage card' folder, so do with the opera folder. the same with mio pocket but you have to take the 'mio pocket auto run' file out of the main file from mio pocket and just place it next to it(so also directly to the 'storage card'), then you must go to the main file('MioPocket 3.0 Release 49') and click on 'mioautorun'-icon to install the bundle

i just found a manual how to fix a flashlite (JayTech Netbook)for getting some kinds of youtube videos and others started but i haven't tried yet. but the manual is from a german forum, maybe someone can try and translate till i find the time:

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