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Bricked Laptop AKARM AK7802

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1Bricked Laptop AKARM AK7802 Empty Bricked Laptop AKARM AK7802 on Fri 31 May 2013 - 6:26


OK, here is the story...

my friend owes me $30 and so he gave me this brand new laptop in payment but only downside is that windows ce was in chinese. I did alot of research and staying awake till 5am in the morning trying to flash this thing. Its currently bricked with the damn 3 flashing lights when you try to power it on.

I tried firmwares 1.27, 1.63, 1.82, 1.86, 1.87, 1.90 and mixing nboot, eboot, xip etc etc but no luck.

Originally the laptop was running 1.63 fw and win ce 5.0. CPU is akarm 7802 64mb ram and 2gb flash but even downloading the right fw still didn't work plus burntool is working fine and flashing, at 100%. so far 3 days of searching for a solution and reading through posts after posts and using google search but still no solution to my damn problem Mad

Help Please

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2Bricked Laptop AKARM AK7802 Empty Re: Bricked Laptop AKARM AK7802 on Wed 24 Jul 2013 - 16:01


Dismantle it at take some photos.

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