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Boot problem, factory restore is available ? Other solutions ?

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Hi, I have an Mindtech MT-402W1 (Italian WinCE) which I haven't used for over 1 year.

hardware version:3.0
CPU: ARM 926EJ-S 248MHz
Release SV125
video decode :1

Now I have resumed it to sold, but I have found out that it has boot problems

It hangs on "System Initializing, please wait..." during WinCE boot, and I must use reset button under the netbook to shutdown.
If I try many times, sometime it starts normally, but at next power off -> power on cycle the problem will be present again.

I obtain near 2 normal boots each 8-10 tries, but in this condition it is unsaleable.

I don't remember if some year ago I have changed something (i.e. registry setting).

There is a factory reset procedure (without loosing Italian WinCE Edition) ?
Other solutions ?


No it is not possible to reset without losing Italian as there is no ROM for mindtech available. Yes this is known isue that after some time these devices need to be reflashed, the reason is unknown, maybe that is because of bad flash chips.

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