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Allfine PC703 - A few questions

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1Allfine PC703 - A few questions Empty Allfine PC703 - A few questions on Mon 11 Feb 2013 - 12:11


Hello everyone!

After treating myself to a second hand netbook, I came across these forums whilst looking for some advice on the Allfine PC703.

Now, it came unboxed with no instructions however did come with Windows CE 5 pre-installed.

There are a few applications installed too, and also a few files the old user left behind. What I want to do is reset this system to factory default so I can have my wicked way with it.

After reading other threads here, a lot of people talk about re-flashing the device.
When I boot the system, at the top left of the screen it says Version: 1.90 however I can only fine the flash ROM for 1.87. Is this going to be an issue if I reflash the system with this ROM? Should I be looking for a newer version?

Furthermore, is there even any point in flashing the system if it works fine as it is? Does it remove the applications already installed, or they typically come bundled anyway? (Media Player, Player, Coreplayer, Messenger, RAR, Recorder, FoxitReader etc).

Thanks in advance, hope to hear back soon!

2Allfine PC703 - A few questions Empty Re: Allfine PC703 - A few questions on Wed 13 Feb 2013 - 14:14


Better do not reflash if it works. I think bundled applications are the same. Also if I remember right touchpad for Allfine stops working if flashed with generic 1.9ROM.

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