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Think iv Bricked my 7" mini netbook

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1 Think iv Bricked my 7" mini netbook on Fri 15 Jun 2012 - 0:41


ok people i was trying to follow peoples instructions on getting android on (yes i know it might not work ) but anyway heres what i did

turned on netbook
pressed f1 for system upgrade
pressd 1 to format nand and pressed yes
and did same for 2 and 3 now heres where its odd

formating the nand its said starting but didnt do anything now all i get is windows CE and system initializing please wait ( windows crap edition has manners Shocked Shocked )
so ya thats my problem its stuck here its not reading from SD card and its not reading from usb port anyone have any ideas as im starting to pull my hair out

2 Re: Think iv Bricked my 7" mini netbook on Mon 18 Jun 2012 - 10:03


What you were expecting to achieve by formatting all disks? Shocked And yes nand format doesn't work.

What version of netbook do you have? It is not possible to brick Anyka netbooks as long as a backup ROM is available. Smile

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