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putty (ssh connection) between anyka ntb and openssh-server(ubuntu)

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I have anyka minibook (248Mhz 128MB :)fake RAM (really 64)
I have problem with putty for wince (from one archive on this site). When I try to connect using ssh to running ubuntu PC, is here long delay,that sometimes causes errors and connection is nit estabilished. When I try this 2 - 3x connection is OK and all works ok. But it is uncomfortable.
What can I do with it??? Have you any inpiration for me??


What connection do you use?

3putty (ssh connection) between anyka ntb and openssh-server(ubuntu)  Empty ssh ......done! on Thu 17 May 2012 - 15:07


Conn.type is Ssh
On connection tab have I:
Ip protocol set to AUTO

I haven't set tcp_keepalive in putty settings
That's look like a problem
With this connection is estabilished, time to show login prompt cca 1 -1.5min. It is in tolerance:)
Thanks for inspiration....


Is it wireless or ethernet conection?

5putty (ssh connection) between anyka ntb and openssh-server(ubuntu)  Empty ssh on Thu 17 May 2012 - 18:59


Its a wireless and also sometimes ethernet ..after setting tcp keepalive is connection estabilished after 1,2 minutes ...
I made some experiments with nb and then i forgot or uncheck this option Sad
So that it works ..i use ntb anyka to configure some network devices,currently works for me: ftp server,ftp client, ssh (after my memory leak:)) ..etc.

Only one thing can't i solve and it is a good vnc client for remote desktop (i have linux- ubuntu on my pc and ntb) with linux
Vncviewer "beeps" and does nothing
I use it with correct ip and displayname, from my smartphone and pda is all succesfull (android, palmOS) only Anyka is lazy:)

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