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allfine PC703 stuck on initialising screen

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1 allfine PC703 stuck on initialising screen on Fri 20 Apr 2012 - 15:08


please help, I bought an allfine PC703 from ebay, it looks new, hardly used and all boxed, trouble is that it was ok for 20 mins then I switched it off and now that I turned it back on it is stuck on the initialising screen
I have tried reset and no luck : (
I have tried F keys but do not know if I am doing it correctly

what is their official website ? I cannot find it anywhere
there is no mention of it on the booklet that came with it

thanks in advance


I have exactly the same as this - have trawled various threads and forums but all the 'f1 and password' type solutions don't get me anywhere.

Shameless bump!!!


Which ROM version it has?

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