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Complete modding of an Anyka netbook: A hope of a new life...

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Hi dear fellow Anyka netbook users!

The other day, I was informed of a great project going on. The Raspberry Pi ( ) is a very powerful and very small platform, not to mention it also open source-minded.

The mainboard, with 700MHz ARM CPU and 256MB RAM (real, ahem...) will cost $35, and will have USB, HDMI, Ethernet outputs.

The thing runs Quake3 flawlessly under Linux!

This gave me the idea to gut my own Allfine Anyka netbook, and convert it to Raspberry Pi. To tell the truth, I hate the lame WinCE, and I find the crippled platform useless form most of my tasks. The keyboard bug kills me, I can't even type on this damn thing.

But as a host body for the Raspberry Pi, it would be awesome. But there is a lot to do until it will be ready, and I'll need Anyka-netbook specific help, which I hope I'll get from you, as I always did.

The most difficult task is to attach the display. The AT07092TN is a 50 pin parallel RGP type, and from HDMI, the TI TFP401 IC can convert the signals for it. But I don't have the schematics for the panel that is in the LCD part, and which connects the screen to the mainboard. Can anyone help me with that info? It would be nics to use most of the things already in the netbook, and not have to create everything from scratch.

Also, does anyone know the pinout of the 30pin connector connecting the screen, power button and speakers to the body?


There are leaked netbook schematics which you can use.

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