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PC703 and eVB 3.0

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1 PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Mon 3 Oct 2011 - 17:35


First: sorry for my poor english !

Maybe somebody is interesting in writing own applications
for the pc703 (arm 926) with eVB 3.0 which is still available
on the web.
I have dealt with it for some hours and it works fine,
but I dont know if this is already known?

2 Re: PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Mon 3 Oct 2011 - 23:25


are you ar programmer?

3 Re: PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Tue 4 Oct 2011 - 6:52

CE Geek

It's a pretty old development environment, but I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Of course, you'd have to do the registry hack in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/Explorer/Shell Folders so you don't lose the runtime files on reboot. Not all of them seem to register and work properly outside the \Windows folder, even with the SystemPath hack in HKLM/Loader. (In my experience running VB apps in older versions of CE, only the object controls - the ones with filenames starting with "MSCE" - seem to register and work without a hitch outside of \Windows.)

4 Re: PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Tue 4 Oct 2011 - 7:41


Yes, but a "semi-one", I write applications only for use inside my company,
and in my free time (if there is any) I try to make up a useful job for
such devices i bought in a moment of weakness, eg this ones I bought
one year ago and the day before yesterday I started dealing with it...

@CE Geek
Yes, you are right the eVB IDE is a old one, but it is a good match to the
win ce on the netbook.
I was looking for a compiler, and found at first NSBasic which works for the
machine but the dialect of the language is a bit strange...
so I switched to embedded Visual Tools and tried at first a project
that consists only of an empty window.
To my surprise win ce refused installing the cab file ("this application is not
for use with this os" - I dont know the exact message because mine is in german..)

Now i found out that the trick is, to set the processor-signature
of the *.000 file in the cab to 0 (
The original signature is "2577" (0x0A11) what is ok for ARM's, but anyhow it seems that the guys composing the os tried to make
it difficult installing new software (I dont know)...
--How I had done this, is another story...--
I have two Allfine PC703, one with and one without wifi, and on both machines
the VB-programs can be started after reboot, so I dont have to do any hack
in the registry, I have heared that the os restores its basic values on reboot
but I have never recognised such behaviour !
When you put all files necessary for *.vb in the \windows directory than you
can start the program anywhere on the machine so I cant reproduce what you mean...

5 Re: PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Tue 4 Oct 2011 - 10:56


mtwptx wrote:
Now i found out that the trick is, to set the processor-signature
of the *.000 file in the cab to 0

Strange but this trick never worked for me for any CABs, maybe because I tried to install new cab format with XML structure.

6 Re: PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Tue 4 Oct 2011 - 18:11


Yes, I came across this because none of the cab-files neither those from eVB nor almost all the others
from the web were accepted by the os when the *.000 file has not 0000 on offset 20d
whether in the old format nor with _setup.xml.
eVB uses a cabinet wizard (cabwiz.exe and makecab.exe) in conjunction with an *.inf file
in which the signatur can be altered.

[CEDevice.Arm 1100 (4K) v2.10]
ProcessorType=2577 ;--> 0000

I wrote a small Helper that makes the cab-file direct out of the project, but maybe this is
redundant because when I put all controls that came with eVB in an empty project and install this
I have to do this never again...

7 Re: PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Fri 7 Oct 2011 - 9:13


For example I tried to correct this CAB(HEX Mobile) and it still didn't install.

8 Re: PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Sat 8 Oct 2011 - 8:47

CE Geek

You don't need to use the CAB file to install the runtime. You can get the unpacked files here:

9 Re: PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Sat 8 Oct 2011 - 10:56


Hi, youre right. I installed M$ CF 2, then extracted the HEXEDI~1.001 out of the cab
renamed it to HEXEDITOR.EXE and this works (unfortunately in a very small window..)
Of course this is only a lash up.
But it is an insteresting problem, and I will stay tuned to this, though I only
wanted to talk about writing small applications in eVB in the first time, but never mind :-)

@ce geek
Thanks for the link, its really necessary because the orignal runtimes/controls
of eVB made too many crashes.

10 Re: PC703 and eVB 3.0 on Sat 8 Oct 2011 - 13:38


Here are some more or less useful hints about "Hex moblie"
Maybe there is a problem in the _setup.xml or the *.000 file
As a (second) workaround I installed WinCE Cab Manager 3.0
and opened the cab-file.
Then you are able (in the full version) to generate a folder with an *.inf file and all
related files.You now can use this folder to re-create a new *.cab which works on the netbook.
If you compare the _setup.xml and the Inf-file you will see that all entries are adopted
by the *.inf, so i guess as the HexEditor was made with Visual Studio 2005 there some problems
reading these *.cab files properly on binary level...

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