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Is my Disgo well and truly ******? :(

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1Is my Disgo well and truly ******? :( Empty Is my Disgo well and truly ******? :( on Mon 5 Sep 2011 - 23:09


I own a disgo net browser 3000, or so.. I did, but I now have the feeling it will never work again for my own idiocracy.
I fiddled around in the registry (Runs Win CE 6) and I bricked it. It loaded but refused to load the desktop.. so being the complete idiot I am, I went into the bios using "zyk"

And.. Formatted the nand and XIP. Why? Well I'm just useless..
Now it loads the Bios and crashes on the Windows CE logo, and I'm forced to reset from the back.

Is it completely broken now? I would purchase another but I got this for Christmas and I'd hate to see it as a useless brick.

Please help me out Sad



Isn't there a manufacturer page for this?

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