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Zenithink N670 bricked ? rescue is possible !

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Hello netbook fans,

Some time ago i bricked my zenithink netbook.
Looked for the original image to restore the device, but no luck !
Zenithink does not have the original (obsolete) image any more !

I tried some images from other brands with the same specs, and lucky me !
It seems that version 1.63 (but only this one!)for the cnmBOOK works well.
everything works well, although the boot-up time is much longer than original.

i will try to tamper some code in the image to speed up booting.
If i find out how andwhat code, i will let you know.

Good luck with reviving your bricked zenithink !




sterken64 wrote:
Zenithink does not have the original (obsolete) image any more !

How do you know this?

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