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open project of mini netbook, 7'' ARM netbook

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Who will be our Knight,Master,Council Member?

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Who will be our Knight?
1.Show your talent in the forum, You will be invited to become a member of our Knights.
or your warmth in the forum, share resources, help others , gain your Force(the Force show in your users profiles,one negative vote=-1 Force, one positive vote=+1 Force,one "thank"=+3 Force).When you have more than 50 Forces,report your Force to Admin and then You will become a member of our Knights.

Who will be our Master?
1.You must be a member of our Knights first.
2.You have created an original program that you can use it to gain more than 30 Force from your supporter.

Who will be our Council Member?
1.You must be a member of our Masters first.
2.there are only 3 places,The first three Masters will automatically become member of our Council Members, the Later must "kill" one of three to become a new Council Member(Bring your latest original program and make a poll thread in Knights club to challenge one of three,If you win majority support, you will replace him and become a new Council Member).


what is knight?


A Knight is Power user with at least 50 points (force). Knights have access to all topics. Read the forum, help others and gain points when other users thank you.

Why is Knights usergroup needed? Because not all information is usable without knowledge and it can do more bad than good. Some time is needed to read and learn.

2. What to do if I need to download files from Knights club? Don't hestitate to contact a member from Knight usergroup and explain the reasons, answer to questions. Because to this date there is no way how to backup your original ROM the netbook can be bricked(made unusable) if wrong steps are made with no possibility to recover. As there are many types(branded or without any brand at all) of netbooks
which looks identical you should be absolutely sure that the upgrade or tweaks will work on your machine.


To the admins:

What a ridiculous approach, all that Knights and Masters stuff. Be aware it is 2013, not 1613! Get out of your cave and setup a forum that respects equality of people!


You could write to Admin and ask to change this policy as otherwise the forum is not so active and also the devices are getting old so not so many users are left which still are using it.

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