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Pocket PC software with GAPI how to use on wince5 arm

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Pocket PC software with GAPI


Well, I was going to try and hack GAPI to support our chipset using any display information in this Document.

That way we would not have to run under GAPI emulation, but could run accelerated
this would speed up emulators, movie playback (TMPCP), SCUMM, games etc.
Why can't you just make this document free to read?

Failing that, if this contains the needed info, we could ask the guys at to write a GAPI driver for us.


is not very expensive, organize donations paypal

How to get a GAPI adaption for your device

GAPI is like a device driver and must be adapted to the display controller hardware of a new device.

In the past (until v4.01) we have done this for free, but in the meantime there exist so many new devices that the effort is very high.
Therefore we have decided to create new adaptions for a small fee of EUR 15 payable via PayPal.

Please send your GAPI adaption request to Info AT to get more informations.

This non commercial adaption will be done within 1-2 days.

Please contact us also if you need a adaption for commercial purposes.

The differences to the non- commercial version:
-Adaptions also to new and unsupported CPU's (ARM and MIPS)
-No splash screen
-Auto detect function for your devices
-Usable for commercial projects without any further license fees
-Free support and upgrades for one year


Some news:

I have contacted Frank from WinCESoft regarding GAPI adaptation. As the Anyka CPU is not in the support list of GAPI driver the adaptation fee is higher - 600EUR. I have sent all documents to Frank for examination and he assures that it is possible to create GAPI driver for our devices too. Smile wrote:
This seems to be a complete Windows Ce 5.0 BSP incl. display driver and register defines.
Should be no problem to use this to create a GAPI DLL.

If the adaption does not work you will get a full refund.
Therefore I suggest to start a collection after you have successfully tested the GAPI DLL.
A test device is also required

An adaption to a new CPU will cost EUR 600 exclusive shipping cost. The development will be started after receiving the adaption fee and the test device and may take 2-3 days.

GAPI supports presently only Windows CE 5.0.
For CE 6.0 devices a special device driver is required

So all depends if there is interest regarding this GAPI adaptation. If we organize Paypal donations and there are enought users which are interested then we could get hold on GAPI driver with great performance boost for our netbooks. If not money back guaranteed.

What is GAPI and what is it good for?

While DirectX was not available to game developers for the Pocket PC platform, Microsoft created a game API especially for the Pocket PC named "GAPI" -- the game application programming interface. It allows direct and fast access to the display memory.
Unfortunately Microsoft has forgotten the Handheld PC / Windows CE users. Anyka netbooks are HPC and so doesn't contain the driver.

Until your device is supported, you can use the included GAPI- emulator instead.
The emulator- mode uses GDI- BitBlits instead of the direct hardware access and may be much slower.

The Core Pocket Media Player
With GAPI you get a 30-50% higher framerate compared to GDI. What it means that Divx/MPEG4 movies could be watched on Anyka netbook without lags, as not all movies are playable now.

Pocket PC software with GAPI how to use on wince5 arm TCPMP_GAPI

Pocket PC software with GAPI how to use on wince5 arm Core_Player_3Pocket PC software with GAPI how to use on wince5 arm CorePlayer_4

Screenshot: Benchmark results CorePlayer (left with using the GDI-, right with using the GAPI- driver).
Speed improvement: 146% (tested with a 640x240, 25fps divx- video in fullscreen).
Please activate the ”Framebuffer Cache”- option in the GAPI setup menu.

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