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Wifi on Anyka Netbook won't work, help please?

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Hello folks, I have one of the non-branded Anyka netbooks with an ARM926 Cpu 128mb ram, 2Gb flash running WinCE 5.0 build 1400
my firmware v. is 1.9 and I keep missing the second thing but it is v 3.0..Everything boots up with an Ok and everything works, except the wifi..I haven't got this to work on any wifi network anywhere. Anyways it uses the Ralink or Realtek chipset RT28701 for wlan. When I go to renew my addresses it's saying my DHCP server is and lease was obtained and expired on 1/3/2009..Whats weird is the DNS server is also the same ip, but oh well shouldn't matter upon renewal..Ok so I Connect it to my wifi router using the integrated program, it trys to Associate with my router (or any other to be exact) it also finds the signals and SSID's, but in the log it says

Failed to associate with ***Starz
Preferred list exhausted.

I've tried going into command prompt and /release and /renew'ing still nothing works. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to fix this problem? Since this is a comp made for the net on the go, it really sucks to use it as a paper weight, since it only works while hooked up to a wired lan..and even then it is super slow.
Any suggestions, any help is appreciated! Thanks, darksix.

Update: While i was playing around dissecting the .dll files in /binfs, the file netmui.dll says that this is a RealTek RTL8139 based fast ethernet driver.. wondering if this has something to do with why the wired works and the wireless does not? Hmm..Thinking of using this thing for a wicked mp3 player for the car lol.

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Just to ellaborate on my router in case you wonder.
Brand name: Belkin N
SSID Broadcasted openly
Security disabled
Fully open wifi on channel 5
uses b, g, and n...

My modem/router is a Verizon which I have turned into just a bridge so the belkin may connect by its self.
I was kind of wondering if i needed to enable WEP or add security for this lil netbook to work, evn though it has the option for open security, and I'm also getting a good signal. Thanks! Sorry for the dbl-post.


Search the forum for wifi problems, think it was already discussed.

And maybe try [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Actually was able to get it to work after digging around myself within the registry of Windows CE and going through all the keys under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Comm/RTL2870 I had to change the DNS server's ip and the DHCP stuff, was working fine after a few power on's and off's. But today, Alas it quit associating again. By the way is it supposed to be slow as a dialup even though it's connected to a 1.5Mbit DSL? I dunno I think that may just be ram related and the processor though.


There is a glitch that you need to boot 2 times before it works fast again. Try to ping router and see for yourself

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another solution:

lucked out@hpcfactor - 2011-01-27 2:19 AM

I just got lucky and found a solution to get my chinese netbook to connect to my linksys router. I went into the security settings in the router and unchecked this option " Block Anonymous Internet Requests "

The netbook then connected immediately when turned on.

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