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National characters

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1 National characters on Tue 11 Jan 2011 - 20:14


After having a not-so-fast-paced meeting with my Anyka netbook, I had some time to experiment with the keyboard. The doubling function is still not solved, but I could make some national characters to work. Not the easiest, but quite a lot faster than using the "Insert symbol" menu...

Properly working, quick:
Ctrl+Alt+e = é
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+e = É
Ctrl+Alt+i = í
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+i = Í

Proper, but slower
Ctrl+Alt+; o = ö
Ctrl+Alt+; Shift+o = Ö
Ctrl+Alt+; u = ü
Ctrl+Alt+; Shift+u = Ü
Ctrl+Alt+. a = á
Ctrl+Alt+. Shift+a = Á
Ctrl+Alt+^ a = â
Ctrl+Alt+^ Shift+o = Â
Ctrl+Alt+^ o = ô
Ctrl+Alt+^ Shift+o = Ô
Ctrl+Alt+^ i = î
Ctrl+Alt+^ Shift+i = Î

Ctrl+Alt+a = á
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+a = Á

The problem: Ctrl+a is considered "Select all", then the combo is recognised, which results in the whole text being replaced with a single á or Á...

Any other combinations known to work?

2 Re: National characters on Wed 12 Jan 2011 - 11:13


What software are you using? I use Hotkeys or Keysynth for that purpose

3 Re: National characters on Thu 13 Jan 2011 - 16:55


otoluk wrote:What software are you using? I use Hotkeys or Keysynth for that purpose

I don't use any software, this is a "built-in feature" I think... I just open the WordPad, and these shortcuts work right out of the box (I have an Alldine PC703 with plain vanilla 1.90 ROM).

4 Re: National characters on Fri 14 Jan 2011 - 12:12


I will try.

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