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open project of mini netbook, 7'' ARM netbook

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What is the3 current state of this project?

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Hi everyone. I have a couple of days before College once again consumes my time and was wondering what the current state of Linux port is. At the start of last semester I had gotten SSH to work and was looking into haret. There was buzz on the interwebs that some people had gotten haret to work, but I got too busy with school/work before they posted anything. Does anyone know what happened to that?

Has anyone yet been fully successful on anything but the 85XX? The AK780X line really needs native linux. Yes it is true that ssh terminal works fine, but a native port would make it awesome.

(I have an Augen E-Go)


Oh, and although I can get haret to work under emulation, it crashes my E-GO producing simply a multicolored horizontal line which requires resting my machine. Anyone get past this?

Flickering, but you can't see that:
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at 2011-01-04

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that sadly is about were everyone is at becuz info is not shared properley in these fourms i think the linux is actulay running on the cpu but we cant see it with out a serial cable to the uart

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