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Strange amount of RAM/ RAM upgrade or extension

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Hello, just brought myself a generic 7" minibook.
I think its a EPC-7 with CE6. It is meant to have 128mb
but Resinfo and SYSinfo both state that
I have 73.5mb of RAM allocated (about 28mb in use). i have read the post on false RAM.

Do I actualy have the full 128mb ? or is this just a false amount shown ?

Also the slider in the system/memory gadget that is used to adjust the amount of program/storage memory will not move either way.

Cheers for any help.

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No, the ram is fake, real is 64MB. And there is no easy upgrade as chip is soldered and there is only one place for RAM so if replaced it must be all in one chip. The max RAM supported is 128MB.


Thanks for the reply, Thought that maybe the case, oh well, it runs fine with the 64mb so I'm happy with that.

thanks again Wink



The 64MB DDR1 - PSC(Powerchip) P3S12D40ETP (size TSOP II) could be replaced by 128 MB Micron MT46V64M16P Price = 50-100$

Pin for pin identical with 3 exceptions listed below:

Pin 17 is NC on the PSC chip, and A13 on the Micron chips.
Pin 19 is NC on the PSC chip, and DNU on the Micron chips.
Pin 50 is NC on the PSC chip, and DNU on the Micron chips.

Pins 19 and 50 shouldn't cause a problem... unless the board has those pins improperly connected.

Pin 17 will be an issue.

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