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Password incorrect - need to re-install Windows CE 5?

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Hi I'm new to the forum.

I have a version with ARM926EJS 248Mhz SV122, Version 1.90, Hardware Version 3.0, 128M RAM

I haven't used it for a while and when I try to start it up I get to the password screen it shows an incorrect date and time (not too bothered about that for now) but it won't accept my password. I know what the password was as I have it written down, previously worked but won't know.

To cut a long story short I need to be able to do a fresh re-install of Windows CE5 unless anyone has another solution?

BTW my touchpad stopped working about 5 minutes after I got the thing, annoying as I have to use a mouse.

Thanks in advance of any help.

2 Got Lucky on Fri 3 Dec 2010 - 12:35


Just an update to enable the mods to close this topic.

I got lucky and remembered the password - eventually.

Touchpad still won't work but I can use a mouse I suppose.


Nice to hear. Please do not reflash for a while your machine. I am interested in your version SV122 as it came original with my netbook and seemed to work better than the only available 1.9 SV125 version which I reflashed. If we find a way how to dump the ROM correctly then it would be great to backup yours . Wink

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