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Hacking the weather

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1 Hacking the weather on Sun 28 Nov 2010 - 20:09


Sounds a bit dramatic doesnt it. Smile
What Im going to do here is edit the available locations in the weather app that runs on the right hand side of the desktop, I dont think all netbooks have it so heres a pic of what Im talking about. If you dont have the program theres not too much you can do to add it except maybe find a software image that has it already loaded.

This is an overview of the app and the city/country selection drop down box, After I did the mods because I would'nt have been able to take pics of something that wasnt there. Smile

By right clicking on the weather area you get a drop down box to select your location.
Can you believe it? they didnt have Cape Town as a selection. What a Face
Well Im just going to have to change that aren't I?

The file to edit is called weather_list.ini and resides in the path \Program Files\WM_PLG\Skins\Weather\

Once you have it remember to untick the read only attributes

I thought it was a simple thing to add your country and cities, but theres a specific format and you'll need Google translate to create the proper contents.

Heres the file contents below, its font is MS Song.

The format of this file seems to be...
Dont forget the square brackets which I havent added here cos it messes the bbcode on this page.
The 2 "Country's" in red are actually Chinese otherwise the program returns an error. They look the same but I think one is Simplified Chinese and the other Traditional Chinese.

Then comes the city,
City = City,City,weather code (eg Cape Town is SFXX0010) again thanks to Google.
There are no spaces before or after the comma's. There is a space before and after the = sign.
Once again the citys in red are the chinese translation, I used the Simplified Chinese translation of my cities on both the 1st city and the 2nd city, thanks Google translate. Smile

Something is wrong with my Durban entry, and it brings up an error that locks the screen, reset is needed, this is what the error screen looks like.

Finally I selected my town to make sure it works, who cares if Durban has an error I dont live there. Smile

Yes, Thats what Im talkin bout, My kind of Town

2 Re: Hacking the weather on Tue 30 Nov 2010 - 23:32


And where can I get that panel?

3 Re: Hacking the weather on Wed 1 Dec 2010 - 16:20


McEnro wrote:And where can I get that panel?

There should be an icon on your desktop called DesktopPlg, its application file is in the path Program Files\WM_PLG\DesktopPlg.exe.

If you dont have it, then as I started of by saying in the top post, "If you dont have the program theres not too much you can do to add it except maybe find a software image that has it already loaded."

4 Re: Hacking the weather on Wed 1 Dec 2010 - 19:32


It is for WINCE 6.0

5 Re: Hacking the weather on Fri 3 Dec 2010 - 8:31


It is somewhere to download and install? My system is WinCE6.0


My WM_PLG is only partially functional. It seems that some png pictures are missing.
Would it be possible to upload archive containing complete WM_PLG folder.
Many thanks in advance.

I have found wince pakage containing complete plugin here

7 owesome on Fri 2 Sep 2011 - 4:38


wow owesome, how do you get that? Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

8 Re: Hacking the weather on Fri 2 Sep 2011 - 16:22


is that possible to install to different windows CE 6 devices? such as MID with windows CE 6?

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