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Otoluk have succeeded in Overclocking ak7802!

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Here you go a permanent link -


tanks a lot


Ned I make change in anyka hardware to run with this file(s) (1_9ROM_nboot64_ddr_V5.0_316Mhz.bin) ??

When I burned 2 overclock files and file 1.87-> *.nix netbook don't start only flash 3 diodes after pushing powerbutton

actually netbook run on 1.87 no overclock files.
i will try burn with one file 1_9ROM_nboot64_ddr_V5.0_316Mhz.bin and 1.87 files.


Yes don't burn both files as eboot is for 1.9 ROM and is not needed it only changes startup text when booting up.
Just burn nboot and take other files from 1.87ROM.


I loaded 1.87 with 1 other file nboot ... 316 netbook starts but stops working touchpad (also external mouse) after some time, movies and mp3 2 times faster. Maybe 316 is too fast for my nebook? or can be set to lower than 316MHz?


Yes sound is too fast it is a known issue when overclocking because ASIC clock is set wrong.

PLL1 clock is equal to:
Pll1 = 4 x M / N
M = (62, 63, 64, ..., 94;)
N = (1, 2, 3, ..., 16)

Where M = 62 and N = 1 then it is 248Mhz

Values that I have tested:

//orig. nboot 248Mhz
080000dc: 0x00000000 // set n multiplier
0x08000004: 0x0000d000 // set m and pll_en clocks

//tested value (theoretical Mhz; tested Mhz; issues)
00/d051 - 316Mhz (? in coreplayer)
00/D031 - 376Mhz (220Mhz in coreplayer) (LCD flickers, touchpad n/w, sound OK) clock seems not set(wrong)
00/D02d - 360Mhz (? in corep)

0c/D05e - 300Mhz (? in corep) - touchpad n/w, sound 2xfast
0c/d051 - 316Mhz (282Mhz in corep), sound 2xfast
0c/D023 - 320Mhz (?), touchpad not working
0c/d031 - 376Mhz (220Mhz in corep) clock seems not set(wrong)

0c/D02d - 360Mhz (?), touchpad not working

0c/D091 - ASIC 2 = LCD blinks, sound 2x fast
0c/d011 - ASIC 0 = sound 2xfast
0c/D45 - AP_EN 1(+1) = sound 4x fast
0c/d251 - AP 1, ASIC 2 = sound 2x fast
0c/De51 - AP 7 =sound 7x faster

AP = Audio proccesor

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