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HELP wanted,admin,knights,and guys,updateing F/W problem

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good enough……when i short the two points on the pcb,and connect the 7802 toybook to pc with a usb cable(battery connected),it turns out just nothing happens……no"new device found".

p.s. my usb port doesn't support activesync,but usbdisks instead。Does this differs from yours?or does it matters when updating F/W?

BTW:these's "usb-boot" sign near the reset button,what is this?



The USB_BOOT is place for button just like reset but think it is not implemented nor is the activesync but it doesn't matter. For FW update the DL_JUMPER(Download jumper) must be shorted and not the USB_BOOT.

What OS do you have? Is the cable straight USB-USB cable? Do you connect it to back port and not to side ports for keyboard mouse? See under device manager if unknown device if found. You must hold the jumper and wait till it asks for driver


thx otoluk.
yes,I do all that should be done.
short the right jumper(when correctly shorted,the toybook would not power up even if I press the power button,right?),use a good straight-through usb-usb cable,and yes I use the backside USB port.
and I use XP to do this for compability,yet,no new device,or unknown device under device manager,when I keep the jumper shorted,and battery connected.
so wierd..
P.S. F/W 1.63, no "press F1" thing on bootup.



If you release the jumper while USB is connected, does it turns on by itself? Burntool doesn't find the device? Maybe test the cable with multimeter to be sure that it is straight and not crossover. No more ideas.


if the jumper is released when plug the usb cable, the toybook will turn on automatically.
sure that the cable is straight.
maybe I just got some hardware problems.but since i can still use it by now,who cares whether it could be reflashed or not.
Thanks aagin otoluk.

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