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So, after I flash the netbook, what language could I get?

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Hello Guys
I have an ak7802 netbook(1.63.real 128M,and
branded 'sunsent')with the menu displayed
in the CHINESE language.
so the question beats me for a long time
that ever if I flash the netbook with the
package downloaded from cnM website,the UI
will be in English,or still in Chinese?

P.S. I did "dumprom"the xip.nb0 file to find
Chinese Fonts in it.And Actually I want it to
be in Chinese 'cause I myself is 'chinaman'.

thx for your time reading this,and any help
would be appreciated. thank you.

BTY:I had an ID'maskmark',and i fail to
activate it through the URL given in the
mail.and I re-sign this ID,and fail to
activate again,the forum system just said 'no
this ID in DB'. so my ID would be unusable
because of 'inactvation' again?


and yes, the xip.nb0 package 1.63 from cnmlife even has a Chinese uder guide PDF in it,when i decompress it with dumprom.exe. However,I wonder why they do this since cnm-brand just sells to English speakers 'overseas' 。

I mailed to the manufacturer and,but failed to get a single copy of any Chinese-Xip
or even a mail sent back.Hope I could get some
info here.Thank you all.

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