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How to change OS language on Win Ce 5.0 on ARM926-AKRAM?

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white trash

Hi everyone!

my grandfather bought a laptop via some homeshopping tv show in shanghai and now i have to deal with it. turns out it's got a ARM cpu and win ce 5.0. i read some of the threads here and i realised how hard it is to change the OS, but is there at least an easy way to change the language? i've got a chinese version and i can't read one bloody sign. :X

thanks for your help and please excuse my bad english, haven't written anything for some years. geek


Hi white trash,

You should be able to flash your mini netbook with a v1.90 rom that's in english. I'll have to find the link to the firmware, but it should be on one of these threads.

What version and cpu info is showing when you boot up the device?

white trash

Version 1.88

I found 1,86 and 1,90. Which one should I try?


Try the 1.90 version. That one is more current.

There should be instructions in the zip file that are in english. If you don't have that one I can send you the link to the one that does.

You'll need to short the USB pinholes on the circuit board (near the battery pack) and run the bootloader.exe program. The instructions on how to do this should be included in the zip file. Let me know if it isn't.

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