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from v1.40 to v1.90, what difference between the versions.

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V1.90: 1.89 USB upgrade has a bug, USB drive back to the previous .

V1.89: modified the USB drive, improves USB plug reliability.

V1.88: modify the Eboot, solve some of the screen (auo, such as Chi Mei LCD boot screen 60Pin Flash issues).
LCD backlight can turn off when TVOut in use, video output size adjustable.

V1.84: add nandflash write-back verification.

V1.83: optimize memory, increase the 2M available memory.

V1.80: modify eboot, support update eboot.nb0 and xip.nb0 from the eboot .

V1.70: add jpeg hardware codec.

V1.63: same with 1.62.

V1.62.u: switch WIFI automatically when insert the flash drive .

V1.61: modify the RTC driver. part of the Nandflash burning be changed. add the support for 2070wifi .

V1.60: solve the problem that software of v1.59 in the V5.0 board not support the mouse and keyboard. add the support to 4G nandflash.

V1.59: add keyboard testing program. add a file associations with RAR.

V1.58.3: fix a bug of the file associations with image .

V1.58.2: fix a bug of WIFI driver : icon disappear occasionally.

V1.58.1: fix a bug of some game links be incorrect association with programs .

V1.58: solve the problem of the RTC preservation.

V1.28: add the support to Nandflash device.

V1.27: fix a bug of NandFlash .

V1.26: fix a bug of no sound when AUDIO play two files at the same time .

V1.25: add a GPIO to reset DM9K.

V1.24: modify the WIFI driver, wifi router compatibility enhanced.

V1.21: fix a bug of startup screen flashing .

V1.20: Software V1.20 corresponds to the hardware version of the V3.0. V1.20 software program can not run in hardware V3.0 board.
Modified: remove the print menu of IE . add a detection of battery voltage at startup, change the parameters of battery measurement .

audio-driven changes. adjust some application softwares . change to a XP style for IE. youtube be played by coreplayer play.
Modify the SDHC driver, to improve the network stability. Modify the USB drive, improve mouse and keyboard processing speed.
Modify the U disk drives, FIX USB host compatibility issues. Reform Media player full-screen playback. fix the backlight driver bug.
Modify the U disk drive,make a better compatibility for Usb disk.
fix bug of RTC can not save , optimized USB 374 driver for less CPU resources,faster run .
fix bug of browse video file slower .
The first release version.


ROM build dates(from eboot bios):
1.86 ROM = Sep 23 2009
1.87 ROM = Oct 7 2009
1.9 ROM = Oct 30 2009

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