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open project of mini netbook, 7'' ARM netbook

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Games for netbook?

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1 Games for netbook? on Sat 28 Aug 2010 - 17:22


so i find i cant run new games on this. any of u here run any much?

2 Re: Games for netbook? on Tue 31 Aug 2010 - 7:10


Hi elflordess. Did you look into the remote desktop stuff from your other thread? that will solve your problems. Alternatively, there are native games which should* run on your netbook. You may need to check to make sure it is actually AK7802 or similar based. If this is the case, you will need to get copies of these freeware games that are for the ARM9 processor family. Most of these have been ported to everything from digital cameras to PS2 so it shouldn't be too big a deal to find a copy. I think some of these are even in some of those large zip files of freeware for wince5.0 floating around this forum.

Quake I
Various Dos games through pDOS / Dosbox / etc


3 Re: Games for netbook? on Fri 3 Sep 2010 - 7:15


tnk u

4 Re: Games for netbook? on Tue 12 Jun 2012 - 1:37


Some Emulators

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