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Maximizing Battery (disable wifi)

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1 Maximizing Battery (disable wifi) on Wed 23 Jun 2010 - 15:59


Maximizing Battery Disable NETWORKS not to use

2 Re: Maximizing Battery (disable wifi) on Wed 23 Jun 2010 - 16:08


yes! this tip can give me about 3hr of extra battery life. thanks nitro's share!!

Don't forget to vote. It's will cost nothing for you but very important to me and another members of forum.

3 Re: Maximizing Battery (disable wifi) on Thu 24 Jun 2010 - 9:35


Well, of course, the top-most battery drainers are WLAN and display backlight. If you switch backlight down to minmal, you might get another couple of hours.
On the other hand, switching off devices and services I dont need is the first thing to do....I always put the WLAN to "off" if I dont use it, its common sense, isn't it ?
By the way: Does anyone know how to disable WLAN by default ? That is, I want it to be "OFF" by default and switch it ON when I want to use ist. Right now, its the other way round, its on by default.....

regards, zaphod

4 Re: Maximizing Battery (disable wifi) on Thu 24 Jun 2010 - 11:47


If you leave off the network and remains so even restart your computer. Just activate it when you're going to use.

5 Re: Maximizing Battery (disable wifi) on Fri 1 Oct 2010 - 11:43


Doesn't work for RT2870 WLAN as by disabling it still uses lot of power(the card still is hot like hell). Disabling is almost the same as not using it(only no searching for AP). The RT2870 CE driver(in Anyka) has no power saving capabilities it doesn't respond to "disable" request and doesn't enter low-power state. So the only option to maximize battery by now is to desolder the WLAN board or make a physical switch to disconnect it.

See this topic: WLAN mod


Other thoughts:
ppeterka wrote:Dear Knights,

as I have read through this post, it appears, that you have BSP sources for the Anyka 7802 WinCE 5.0. Did I read it well?

If it is the situation, that means that you can tinker with the driver configurations and all the low-level stuff in the OS, is it right?

I'm asking this because I found an open-source Linux driver for the RT2870 WiFi chip in our netbooks somewhere when googling through the net, and using that as a guide to rewrite/port the driver it might be possible to implement the power saving mode of the WiFi - right now the right hand side of the display is hot on my Allfine PC703 even if I turn the WiFi off - it would be sooo nice to get some extra time with WiFi switched off, for example when taking notes on a meeting...

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